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Agatha Suci

Agatha Suci (born April 8,1985) rose to fame as the finalist of the first season of Indonesian Idol in 2014. Long before the Indonesia Idol she started her experience in singing competition in her early years, she began her musical journey at 4 years old. In the years following her life as wife and mother in 2009. After being absent from her musical career the past 6 years, she is coming back to the industry. In 2015, with Tohpati as a music producer, she released her first solo single, " Cintai Aku Lagi", that put her back into the map. She also released "Hadirmu" as her latest single. Her looks, personality, and fashion sense, has helped her build a brand on social media, becoming one of the stars of Instagram, with almost 560k followers.

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