We work together with passion


Founded in 2005, E-motion’s music division has become a platform for up-and- coming artists to navigate through music industry as a positive force, with deep-rooted devotion for momentous recording, and entertainment. Our aim is to cultivate relationships with the artists we work with based on mutual trust, understanding, and common love for music, and most importantly, an ambition to achieve and succeed. And along the way, influence the musical landscape for the better.


Since its inception in 2005, E-Talents has established itself as a leading entertainment talent agency, guiding the careers of a prominent roster of musical artists. Our primary focus is to develop sustainable careers for our stellar lineups including Adrian Khalif, Agatha Suci, Ben Sihombing, and Juicy Luicy as well as a long-lasting legacies of our previously signed artists including Tompi, Bams (ex-samsons), and Titi DJ, to name a few.


E-Live sets the standard for excellence across fields of attractions, festival and event management. Our strong presence has enabled us to gain full access to the best national and international production partners in an increasingly global marketplace. Our events and attractions include Chris Brown Live Concert, David Foster Live Concert, Jennifer Lopez Live Concert, Indonesia’s 1 st Sumo International Tournament, Hanoman The Musical, The History of Liverpool Football Club Musical and Disney Live: Mickey’s Music Festival.


A rapidly growing division encompasses production, finance, licensing, and distribution in Indonesia. More than 3000 hours of television programming, E-Motion makes great television that is available to partners and networks. From script development to national distribution, E-Motion creates and distributes compelling content that everyone wants to watch.


E-Motion recently announced new distribution partnership Vision Interprima Pictures, and now handles packaged home entertainment distribution for Vision. With a solid history of Vision’s longstanding reputation and market leader of home entertainment business, putting them among the top distributor in the country.


E-Motion aggregates licensing the rights to names, likenesses and logos for all of the intellectual properties of its partners of Hollywood studios’ vast film and television library. Building on long-term sustainable licensing programs for a national basis. E-Motion licensing manages creation and development of consumer products and associated marketing and promotional campaigns for some of the high-profile film, TV and lifestyle properties.


An Integrated Brand Consultancy that produces integrated communications, publications, Brand Engagement Sponsorship and entertainment marketing strategies all over Southeast Asia. Get a scoop of various services that empowers your brand through branding in entertainment.


Delivery of content changes rapidly, and consumers has the power to call the shots when it comes to trends and developments of media usage. That’s why E-Motion creates a consistent messaging platform and distribution plan across channels to turn prospects into buyers. We focus on mobile media and applications.